Financial Processes

Applicable to: Junior National Senior Provincial Silver Senior National Junior Provincial Bronze Royal Glenora Gold (RG members) Gold Royal Glenora Silver (RG members) Senior National (UofA Varsity) Royal Glenora Bronze (RG members) Senior National (UofA Varsity self-funded) Senior National (Tier 2)
All payments and processes to do with your membership will be managed through this website and its integration with Quickbooks Online. There are a few important details about our website for members' information:
  1. You must have a credit card on your account to enable automatic monthly payments. If you need a non-credit form of payment that must be arranged prior to your invoice due date with the Keyano office. 
  2. Credit card information can now be input directly into our website. This information is immediately sent and stored on Quickbooks Online's secure server and is never stored nor visible to the Keyano website developers nor the Keyano staff or management. 
  3. Invoices will be emailed to you and visible by logging into your Keyano account at any time. All past and current invoices & payments will always be visible to you, and will also be updated in real time.
  4. The Keyano website and Keyano member accounts are now an official record of all invoices & payments.
Membership Deposits
Membership Deposits are held at the beginning of each season and will now be reissued as a credit at the end of each season prior to the subsequent season's registration. This means that you will have a credit for your membership deposit from a previous season that can instantly be applied to next season. Special circumstances:
  1. Members with an existing balance on their account at the time of registration will have their deposit applied to that outstanding balance. In this case, a member will not have a credit on their account while registering for the next season. 
  2. Members with bingo or participation point commitments remaining at the time of registration will have their membership deposit credited to their account, but will not be available for refund until those commitments are completed. In this case, the membership deposit may be carried forward to the next season, however, if commitments remain unfulfilled before the start of the next season then a swimmer may be withheld from participating in the program until all balances are cleared or commitments are completed / arranged to be completed.
  3. Membership deposits are 100% refundable to any member at the completion of the season or after a withdrawal, but only after all final account balances are in good standing. 
Your Keyano Account
It is your responsibility to maintain an accurate and private account with Edmonton Keyano:
  1. Keep your password safe and do not share it with others.
  2. Ensure that you use a current email address for your login and maintain accurate personal / billing / athlete information. 
  3. Keyano Account access is granted to a primary email address. In the case of parental / guardian disputes over account access, the owner of the primary email address will maintain access and responsibility for the Keyano Account and all balances & commitments on that account.