EKSC's structured Development Program caters for swimmers aged 6-13 years. There are 3 distinct levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) within the program providing a graduated progression for junior swimmers as they start out in the sport. Each level builds on the skills and knowledge learned in previous groups. Our 'Technique First' approach ensures that swimmers develop the key techincal components of all strokes and turns before developing the conditioning side of the sport. Swimmers will be exposed to competitive opportunities throughout their journey in the Develpment Programs. This begins with our in-house 'Bear Cubs' race series for the novice swimmers. When swimmers are ready they will compete regularly in local club swim meets. Once swimmers reach the Gold levels they will be looking to qualify and compete in Swim Alberta provincial championship competitions. At the completition of their journey in the Development Program swimmers will graduate to our Performance Program.

Ready for Bronze? If your child can safely swim 25m without stopping you are ready to join our novice Bronze group!

Ready for Silver? If your child can correctly swim 25m of all 4 competitive strokes and is comfortable with racing you are ready to join our Silver group!

Ready for Gold? If your child has qualified for AB provincial trials or all 9 Festival events you are ready to join our Gold group!

If you would like to join after the start of the swim season (September) we welcome new members (subject to availability) on a tryout basis to ensure that new swimmers are in line with the current skill level of the group they are joining. Please contact us (below) for information on how to get started.

For help with choosing the right group for your swimmer please EMAIL US or call 587 982 7025. 



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