​​​​​​​OFFiciating RoleS & Participation Points


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(Per Shift)

Officials Course

For Beginner Officials. Taking an officials course and completing certification for an officiating role at a swimming competition. 

5 Points


For Beginner Officials. Pressing a plunger button or stopwatch in order to record official times for swimmers.

5 Points

Marshal, Safety Marshal or Security

For Beginner Officials. Watching and enforcing rules in a prescribed zone for a particular purpose. For example, Parking,  facility entry, safety, or on-deck rule infractions. 

5 Points

Hospitality Assistant

For Beginner Officials. Preparing and serving food and drinks. May also involved picking up supplies or lifting / setting up supplies & equipment. 

5 Points

Turn Judge

For Intermediate Officials. Inspecting the turns and finishes of swimmers during their race and enforcing the rules of swimming.

7 Points

Stroke Judge

For Intermediate Officials. Inspecting the under- and over-water form of swimmers during their race and enforcing the rules of swimming.

7 Points

For Intermediate to Advanced Officials. Working with the electronic timing interface or the recording interface on computer to ensure correct recording of competition results. Positions include Recorder / Scorer, Chief Finish Judge (CFJ), Quantum Operator, or other as needed.

7 Points

Administrative Desk (formerly Clerk of Course)

For Advanced Officials. Preparing and editing all competition data throughout the competition, and coordinating all in-time processes for the competition including seeding, scratches, fees, and timelines. 

10 Points


For Advanced Officials. Performing the start of each race under the official rules of competitive swimming and the direction of the session referee. 

10 Points


For Advanced Officials. Coordinating the field of play at the competition and ensuring the correct recording of results, disqualifications, and the start of each race. 

10 Points

Meet Chair

For Advanced Officials. Coordinating a complete aspect of a hosted competition, including in many cases pre-competition preparations. This includes aspects like Awards, Electronics, Facility, Hospitality, Office. Officials, or other as needed.

10 Points

Meet Manager

For Advanced Officials. Coordinating with Keyano's GM regarding the meet format and facility requirements. Coordinating the preparation of all Meet Chairs to ensure all aspect of the competition are ready before and followed throughout the competition.

10 Points

* Keyano reserves the right to adjust the participation points awarded for any of the above roles in such a way as to serve the needs of the club. 

** From time to time, National or Provincial competitions may require mandatory involvement from members in order to satisfy the requirements imposed on Keyano from the National/Provincial sport governing bodies. 

TRAVEl competition ROLES

Keyano occassionally travels as a team to competitions and requires a chaperone or team manager. This is usually filled by a parent-volunteer and generally awarded 10 participation points per day of travel. 


Keyano has various committees as both Standing Committees (continuous role in the club) and Ad-Hoc Committees (formed for a singular purpose). Participation Points are determined based on time commitment; a standard year-round committee member earns 24 participation points per year. 

Board of directors roles

Keyano's Board of Directors serve a governance role (as opposed to the more technically and administratively active boards typically found in other youth sport clubs). The BOD and lead staff meet monthly and  directors may also lead committees as needed. The President earns 50 participation points per year and all other directors earn 40 participation points per year.