Keyano Covid-19 Safety Measures ​​​​​​​

The Covid-19 pandemic is joining us for a 3rd season this year. Health measures can come from many different sources (government, facility, sport bodies) and those health measures change over time. Our goal is to keep swimmers in the water and to provide the best possible program at all times. If you are joining Keyano for the first time this year, it may surprise you to know that Keyano has provided some form of program consistently since the pandemic began, through online, outdoor and in-water programs - whatever was possible at a given time we provided to keep your swimmers mentally and physically active. 

Keyano is continuing many of its existing Covid-19 policies as well as adapting to the current environment and a difficult 4th wave of the coronavirus here in Edmonton. Under the recommendation of our Safety Assessment Working Group (comprised of medically-experienced members, GM and Head Coach) Keyano will be implementing some new measures as per the guidelines of Alberta Health:

Vaccinations or Alternatives
Vaccination or approved alternatives for the Restriction Exemption Program are required starting Monday, September 20 for all members 12 & older. 

Edmonton Keyano will be implementing the Alberta Restriction Exemption Program, which allows programs to continue for all ages.

This program requires that all swimmers 12 & older show one of the following:

  • proof of vaccination
    • partial vaccination (one dose) accepted September 20 to October 25 if received 2 weeks before time of service
    • full vaccination (two doses) required after October 25
  • proof of a privately-paid negative PCR or rapid test within 72 hours of service (tests from AHS or Alberta Precision Laboratories not allowed)
  • documentation of a medical exemption

The above requirements would not apply to children under 12. We are still awaiting more clarification as to whether in-person volunteers on committees or at swim meets are also required to provide the above in order to maintain our Restriction Exemption Program status. At this time we are focused on getting our swimmers into the pool; we will communicate further information about in-person volunteers at a later time. 

Showing Proof of Vaccination (or choosing an Alternative)
There are two simple steps to provide Proof of Vaccination:

  1. All 12 and older swimmers must have a response submitted to the following Proof of Vaccination Status Form
  2. Email supporting documents to

Proof of Vaccination is accessed through your health records. Here is a link to instructions for accessing your vaccine records

Proof of PCR Test, as per Alberta Health, must be from a private provider, not AHS. A PCR test within the 72hrs directly preceding any practice is required at all times.

Documentation of medical exemption must be signed from a medical practitioner.

All emails to will be used for the sole purpose of proving Keyano's compliance to the Restriction Exemption Program. This email address will be shutdown when the Restriction Exemption Program is no longer in operation.

Submit vaccination status Form

Please submit a separate form for each swimmer 12 or older in your family. 


Email supporting documents

Please include the name of the swimmer when sending your email.


Continued Daily Screening
Members are asked to stay home if they have any of the symptoms included on our Daily Screening form, and to consult Alberta Health Services to determine any recommendations for a Covid-19 test.

Coaches will also ask swimmers daily while taking attendance whether they are feeling any symptoms of illness. It is completely acceptable for parents of swimmers with allergies or other pre-existing conditions to disclose those to a coach so that we better understand your swimmer. (This is the case for all pre-existing conditions, including all injuries and medical conditions - please inform your coach so that we can adjust programming and / or expectations appropriately).

Protocol for Positive Cases of Covid-19
Edmonton Keyano follows all health and safety measures as described by Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services, even as that information may change over time.

At this time, quarantine is a requirement of anyone who tests positive or has symptoms of Covid-19. It is also recommended that individuals who test positive inform their close contacts.

Keyano asks that any member who may test positive please inform the club. We will inform members of any affected training group, including any group that may have come into contact with the positive case.

At this time, quarantine is not required for close personal contacts who do not show symptoms, however, these guidelines could change in the future. Any positive case will be carefully handled according to Alberta Health / AHS guidelines at that particular time.

The Basics of Swimming during Covid
We are fortunate to have a sport that is in itself one of the most all-around healthy activities for children. A chlorinated field of play and naturally individual practice bubble help limit the potential of transmission at the pool as well.

Beyond these natural safety measures, it is also recommended that parents / swimmers do the following to decrease the chances of any transmission of illness at the pool:

  • limit touching of shared surfaces
  • own your own equipment (fins, etc)
  • limit time in change room (arrive in your swimsuit)
  • regular hand washing
  • physical distancing of 2m is required when not active in a program
  • masks are required when not active in a program

Thank you as always to our amazing members!
We do all of this for you and to keep your swimmers in the water. Please continue your great support for each other and for following various restrictions as they may be required from time to time.